Self As Instrument

Unique, Developmental, Sequenced Coaching
SelfAsInstrument.ME serves change agents and those who want to have influence in their life. We coach individuals, and their systems for dynamic personal and professional growth.

  • Be the change.
  • Master your self.
  • Change your world.
  • Inhabit yourself as a true agent of change.
  • Influence with presence and connection.

Self As Instrument Skills are key to a life with impact and meaning.

Self As Instrument Skills collectively refer to individual change that transports one from limited effectiveness to access to one’s boundless potential.

Our services focus on specific skills to empower to build capacity to influence others. These important life skills are key to influencing change. Live a fundamentally fulfilling, meaningful life. Experience personal and professional satisfaction and growth.

This personal developmental skill set is often referred to by other titles such as Soft Skills, Individual, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Emotional Intelligence or People Skills. Grounded Change collectively refers to this category as Self As Instrument Skills. Our individual services focus on strengthening self efficacy, empowerment, and the capacity to influence others. These important life skills are fundamental for fulfilling, meaningful life. Anna Gomez, Ed.D., Founder, researched this topic to design a curriculum specifically for coaching these skills with effectiveness.

Anna Gomez, Ed.D., Founder, researched change to design this unique, developmental, sequenced learning coaching tableau.

Life is a great teacher~when you ground your change.